Thursday, February 21, 2013

We DO NOT see any Shia genocide in Baluchistan! We only see Pakistani Muslims being killed.

We are sorry we DO NOT see any Shia genocide in Baluchistan! We only see Pakistani Muslims being killed.

Our survival is in remaining united as Muslims, as Pakistanis and NOT dividing ourselves on sects or ethnic lines. That would be our defeat and the victory for our enemies. We, at this forum, will NOT sink to sectarian or ethnic lines. Our ideology is Islam, our identity is Pakistan. We DO NOT recognize any other identity.

Now, in Baluchistan, let us tell you some staggering facts. It is NOT just shais who are being persecuted but Sunnis as well, if anyone wants to argue on "zulm" being done on Shias. Just for the perspective, in the last 5 years of PPP rule following staggering figures are to be noted.

1. Over 100,000 families of non-Baluch SUNNI settlers have migrated out of the province for fear of life, property and honor. This ethnic cleansing at the hands of BLA terrorists had eliminated the entire patriotic citizen’s base in the province – forcing nearly a million citizens to leave the region, who could have provided the patriotic sentiments in a hostile environment. Why no body talks about this ethnic cleansing of patriotic Muslims ???

2. Over 1500 settler professionals – engineers, doctors, teachers, traders, almost all Sunnis – have been assassinated forcing the entire settler community to leave the province. In addition to these settlers, over 1500 Shia Hazaras have been killed as well.

3. Pakistan flag is not raised in any school of the province under the threat of the militants. Government has allowed this blasphemy to continue for the last five years and now no teacher or school dares to confront the separatists.

4. The entire government – from Governor to the CM to the Chief Secretary to the top officials are Baluch or Brahwis while the province has more than 60% population which is Pastun, creating a serious ethnic divide within the society.

5. Hundreds of billions of rupees, running into tens of billions of dollars, have been given to the provincial government without a single development project worth its name of produce on ground. The provincial ministers would pay the BLA for their own protection, allowing the dreaded terrorist outfit to generate billions in funding as well as prosecution free protection.

6. The judiciary remains equally corrupt and incompetent and has done more damage to the security forces than the BLA itself. The IG FC has been called to the SC over 150 times while the terrorists and the separatists are free to exploit the judicial system against the forces.

7. There is no law in the province and the separatists are dominating the patriotic Baluch as the government, judiciary and the media remains extremely hostile against the army.

In these times of state failure, the government and the political parties are hell bent upon holding the elections. No one is worried about the war or the consequences of holding the elections in these times of state failure. It is a total circus at judicial, political and media levels. Even the government knows that elections can only be held under the protection of the army due to bloody violence all over the country but no one is willing to talk about the consequences. Indians are waiting for such a scenario.

Now you tell us? Are Shias being killed only in Baluchistan or the entire state of Pakistan and Muslims from all sects, all ethnic backgrounds are being attacked and killed ?? Can shias live in peace if Pakistan falls to the enemies ??? We ask the Shia Muslims to stop segregating themselves form the mainstream millat and feel that pain of the nation which we all feel. We are all together in this war and we are all suffering together. It would be stupid to raise the voice of sufferings of one Pakistan community and ignore the rest.

If Pakistan stays, we all stay. Or we all go down. Everyone must understand this clearly.

And one last point, before making any comment, pl use your words carefully, with adab and respect and do not use roman urdu. All sectarian comments will be immediately deleted.

khair inshAllah.


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