Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can CJ see the irony of his meaningless judgements??

We wonder if the CJ can see the irony of his meaningless judgements?? Just last week, he had ordered FC to be withdrawn from dera Bugti and demanded civil government there, which in reality does not exist any where in Baluchistan. Today, the entire country demands army take over in Baluchistan !!!!!

There are nearly 70 dreaded LeJ terrorists in Quetta jails but the judiciary does not decide their cases, in fact constantly releases them honorably.

An incident is cited, where an Anti-Terror Court judge recently threw out a case of over 70 kilograms of explosives seized, famously saying that “it’s not terrorism till the explosives blow up.”

Also limiting for investigators is the Anti-Terror Act of 1997 and the Qanoon-e-Shahadat, that make police testimony inadmissible, and in the absence of other witnesses, any case against the LeJ or other actors weak. When army or police raids a terrorist hideouts, only witnesses are Police and army NOT ordinary people!!

This is most unforgivable crime in the eyes of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and complete violation of national laws -- to release the terrorists to allow them to kill with impunity and still be called the Chief Justice!! Pakistan's justice has become a global joke under this squint eyed CJ.


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