Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An official notice from Zaid Hamid/BrassTacks

Dear all,

We need to bring you onboard a critical issue.

Please note that BrassTacks is an independent Think Tank specializing in Defense and Security Consulting and analysis. Brasstacks is NOT affiliated or partner with any other Think tank, NGO, social group, political party or religious group, nor it is affiliated with any trade or business organization within the country or outside. Our source of income is our Security Consulting fees and sale of our products, reports, analysis, books and CD’s to our clients.

BrassTacks does NOT have any sister concern or partner organization. Brasstacks does

NOT have any official office anywhere in the world except in Rawalpindi.

We DO NOT have formal membership nor any official representative anywhere in the world. We only have volunteers who contribute their time and resources for the mission as they please but no one has the authority to represent BrassTacks or Zaid Hamid in the official capacity without formal authorization from us.

Our volunteers have their own businesses, jobs or sources of income and we at BrassTacks are not responsible for their income or business deals.

Please note clearly that:

BrassTacks does NOT accept donations, charities, loans or business partnerships with any other organization or individual.

We have received reports that many unscrupulous elements are exploiting our good name and trust to deceive people to gain financial benefits. There is a fake page of FB of BrassTacks which is collecting donations under various heads. A group had been collecting donations in UAE under our name and then sent the funds to their political parties in Pakistan. People have been approaching different volunteers and organizations and offering them business proposals in our name.

Please be careful. When they cannot harm the sacred mission that we carry, they try to harm our reputation and credibility through such sinister means.

Our closest team members and volunteers do sometime contribute to the mission in cash and kind but that is done strictly on case to case basis under direct authorization and approval from me. Not everyone can contribute financially to the cause. We are very strict about this. When in doubt, please contact me directly to seek clarification.

Please note this clearly and inform others. We have to guard against all attempts to malign the sacred mission that we stand for.

Khair inshAllah

Zaid Hamid  


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