Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read this incredible poem by baba Iqbal on the crimes of Bankers.

Read this incredible poem by baba Iqbal on the crimes of Bankers. Hidden under the facade of trade, these bankers destroy millions of lives for their profits in Riba and interest. The banks are now taller then the Churches (capitalism has destroyed the morality of religion) and now we wait when this whole system of capitalism is destroyed by nature as divine justice.

A most brillient account of how the capitalism has destroyed the human society and now it will also be be destroyed in turn. The time has come for a new political, economic and social order -- The model based on Khilafat e Rashida !!

 Democracy and Capitalism are two parasites that collectively suck the blood of the nation. Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) has declared war against these systems of Dajjal which are run through the Banks and Politics. See the larger game for Allah's sake - You cannot escape the system of bloodsucking Bankers if you continue to serve the demon of democracy.

Awareness and determination to demand a change are the first steps. The entire media, judiciary, political parties and even religious scholars have already been sucked up in the system of Riba and Banks and now want to continue with the filth called democracy.

Let us tell you clearly. These elections will only bring more misery, death and poverty. All those who participate in these would be guity of harming Pakistan, just as our elders did in 1971. If you cannot change anything, at least, make a stand for yourself and raise your voice. DO NOT be part of this bloodthirsty system of Kufr.



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