Saturday, March 16, 2013

We owe it to the Ummah.

These political, judicial and media snakes and the entire Kufr system with it have joined hands together to maintain their choke hold on this beloved Pak Sarzameen. The entire election process is a fraud. From the Supreme Court to the Election Commission to the political parties, they are making a total fool of this nation. All the corrupt, bank Robbers, murderers and criminals will be re-elected in this engineered elections.

We know this system will collapse before or after the elections. We have a sacred duty to protect this Pak sarzameen no matter what the cost. This Pakistan was NOT created to be ruled by snakes like Zardaris, Bilawals, altafs and shareefs. This Pakistan is a sacred trust of the Ummah and will be protected as such.

The patriots are reaching the end of their patience. They are NOT taking part in the elections but that does not mean they cannot influence the events. For now, they are peaceful but if any further harm comes to this Pak Sarzameen at the hands of these treacherous rulers, then there will be street justice, vigilante style. This is not an empty threat. We owe it to the Ummah.



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