Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do we have to chose the lesser of the two evils instead of searching for Halal?

Those who are giving fatwas in favor of democracy are arguing that they are choosing the lesser of the two evils. Their argument is so silly and shameless that it is nauseating.

Let us give you an example:

They are asking you to chose between:

1. Pig Meat.
2. Dog meat.
3. Dead chicken.

and advice you that you should eat the dead chicken because it is lesser of the two evils !!!!! Astaghfurullah !!!

Instead of searching for Halal food, which is easily available if they try, they insist upon eating Haram under the false argument of choosing the lesser evil.

We reject this argument. All those who vote in these elections would be responsible for the death and destruction and Khiyanat caused by these filthy parties and their leaders. So ponder deep before you vote for these parties. These elections will harm Pakistan and all those who are demanding elections will be answerable in front of Allah (swt).


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