Sunday, April 28, 2013

Read our book "From Indus to Oxus"

There is a reason why we want you to read our book "From Indus to Oxus". We are going through a difficult period of our history and we expect more trials, tests and dangerous times in the days ahead as the leaders show no sign of wisdom or tauba.

This is not just a book but an intense collection of experiences, observations and travels in the melting pot of history. Those youngsters and men who have never experienced the intensity of the battle field would experience it first hand without having to enter into the realm physically. It will prepare you for the duties ahead, InshAllah. My entire journey of transformation from a young man to what Allah has made this faqeer today is documented in these memoirs. It will make you cry, make you smile, make you sad, it will make you serious and above all -- it will make you wise and brave, InshAllah.


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