Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome to democracy.....

Within the country, instead of assisting the army and the caretaker government in controlling the devastating violence and crisis, the Supreme Court is now all daggers drawn against Musharraf on a vendetta campaign is which is even making the politicians nervous about the possible outcome. Army is being humiliated, dragged and insulted by the SC in the name of getting back at Musharraf.

On the other hand, militants are also trying to assassinate Musharraf. That is another crisis for the army now though this is perhaps what the CJ and PML(N) wants.

The Election Commission have made a total mockery of elections, elections laws and national security in the process. All the terrorists, separatists, corrupt, criminals and defaulters have been allowed to take part in the elections while the SC stays silent. The “neutral” president still manages the election campaign from the Presidency, violating every law of the land and the constitution. This whole exercise is an act of war against the state and definitely not acts of democracy.

The violence is now creating a crisis for the election process itself and the citizens. Political parties are calling for strikes everyday and the polling officers are refusing the duties for lack of security. But the caretaker government is naively adamant that it would still go ahead with the poll, irrespective of the credibility of the outcome or the violence involved.

Welcome to democracy..... Astaghfurullah !!!

Shakeel Anjum Saturday, April 27, 2013
From Print Edition
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ISLAMABAD: The intelligence agencies, following information, fear that a joint group of terrorist outfits can kidnap former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf during his journey to courts or back to sub-jail, sources from the Ministry of Interior told The News on Friday.
“The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in collaboration with other local Jehadi elements, has made a comprehensive plan to abduct Musharraf while on move to/from courts in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. To execute their plan, they have organised/detailed various teams to ensure success at all costs. Exact time and place for the activity is not known,” the sources, quoting the threat alert, maintained. The intelligence agencies suggested extreme vigilance and heightened security to counter the attempt to abduct the former president.

“The TTP, with the collaboration of at least eight terrorist organisations based in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) including the Northern Areas, has finalised their plan to abduct Musharraf in a kind of Kohat jail-breaking operation,” the source, mentioning the threat-alert, disclosed.

A joint squad of different terrorist groups has detailed duties to keep an eye on the activities of the former president and to execute the target plan, the sources said. Inspector General of Police (IGP), Islamabad, Bani Ameen Khan, when contacted by this scribe for comments, confirmed the report saying that the law enforcing agencies, other than the protection of former president, had taken strict measures to counter such terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, an explosive-laden vehicle was found, parked at the Park Road a few hundred metres from the farmhouse of Musharraf where he is under detention, which could be part of the plan, the sources maintained.

The sources said that the terrorist group could hit the “Tableeghi Ajtima” (religious congregation) being held in Islamabad on April 27 to 29.Quoting threat alerts, the sources said that the terrorist outfits had a plan to target and kidnap the European and Chinese people working in Pakistan.


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