Sunday, May 19, 2013

If you want to be a part of mission Takmeel e Pakistan, here is how you can!

We get hundreds of emails and queries weekly from Children and youth who say that they want to be members of Mission Takmeel and join BrassTacks team. Here is our reply to them all.

Mission Takmeel is an ideological and spiritual movement and every Pakistani is a member of it when you share this passion, love and loyalty to this Medina e Sani. When you join our page, spread our message and live the life of dignity for this sacred cause, you are part of us. We do NOT have written membership forms.

You can also visit our website and also join our BT volunteer mailing group where we share material, emails, discussions and ideas.

You can come and meet us in our office in Pindi and work more closely with the team. Then you can possibly join more closer team mailing group of BT core members.

Some of the finest members we have in the world are those whom I have never met in my life and they stay in touch through emails, sms or FB but our bonds of love and adab are most strong and sincere, MashAllah.

So, be happy when you are on this page. You are part of BrassTacks and mission Takmeel
Our ideology is Islam, our identity is Pakistan and our mission is Takmeel e Pakistan, alhamdolillah ! Blessed are those who rise above all sectarian, ethnic, linguistic and provincial divisions to live this life of dignity and honor.

Jazak Allah to all of you.



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