Sunday, May 19, 2013

So what are the options now??

This democracy has now crashed as well. Election has spread more confusion, anarchy and destabilization and now even if they are able to make a government, it would be as most unstable.

So what are the options now?? You cannot have another elections. Martial law is not an option. The nation has been fully and totally betrayed by the Azaad Adlia, Supreme court, Election Commission and the political parties. Army remained indifferent to the politics, allowing the politicians and the judiciary to make a mess of it.

Now the only option this nation has is to revert back to the model of Khilafat e Rashida. To achieve this objective, there are 3 steps.

1. Educate yourself.
2. demand this model and fight for it.
3. Create enough supporters within the society that they agree to create a patriotic caretaker government which starts to implement what we have written for Mission Takmeel e Pakistan.

The system is collapsing anyways. We don't have to destroy it now. It is already committing suicide with its own dagger. Just prepare yourself for the next level of duty. Read this book and arm yourself with knowledge. This is the Pakistan we will make inshAllah !!


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