Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Now you will be tested.....

The time has come ! Allahu Akbar ! Now you will be tested if you are really a shaheen of Rasul Allah (sm) on mission Takmeel e Pakistan or with the forces of Dajjal. There are NO neutrals now.

Remember this. If you cannot help, DO NOT create problems or raise stupid objections. Understand the magnanimity of the mission. This is the greatest Muslims response to Dajjal Banking system in the last 100 years and some of you are behaving like total idiots. We will block all such fools. No mercy now. we are at war with Riba.

Each Gold Dinar is weighted at 4.25 gm of 22 karat gold, which is almost equal to Rs: 20,000 today. There are different coins of Dinars in 1 dinar, 2 Dinar, 3 Dinar etc.....

Each Dirham is 3 gm of pure silver and cost around Rs: 500 today. Almost 40 Dirhams make a Dinar. There are various types of Drihams also. 1 dirham, 2, 3, 5, 10 dirham coins for various levels of trading. Less than 500 rupees trading can be done in other coins like we use today in Pakistan or make smaller than 1 dirham coins. That is a small issue.

In the world, Muslims are using them as currency at various communities already. It is already a developed and practiced concept but the media and the Zionists banking system will never report this or support this. Muslims are using them to save as investment instead of paper currency. People are paying Zakat in them as sharia demands Zakat to be paid in real wealth only. Zakat in paper currency was never allowed during Khilafat.

InshAllah, soon, these will be available in Pakistan also and we will link up with Muslim communities globally as part of larger Ummah. This is our economic model. We can do it on a small scale now but the model is ready and all homework has been done. This is practical work of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan. Alhamdolillah !!


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