Monday, May 13, 2013

People ask us solutions to the present chaos.....

People ask us solutions to the present chaos. We have been speaking for the last 4 years -- identifying these threats way ahead of the time so that this nation could prepare but alas, they wasted time in pursuing democracy.

Today, every false god has fallen. The azaad adlia has betrayed, the "honest" Election Commission has sold us to the devil, the "free" media has spread anarchy, the "democracy" has become Demon crazy. Now the urban 4th Generation war has been turned into the 5th Generation war and these elections were the start of it.

Today, Altaf snake threatened to break Pakistan. That British citizen sitting in London, why doesn't he talk about breaking London away from Britain ??? Why the CJ is silent now ??

In Quetta, a massive bomb explosion has killed and wounded dozens. There are clashes on the streets between workers of various political parties all over the country. This election has brought more anarchy, NOT stability.

We gave this talk months ago explaining the entire scenario.

DO NOT panic. InshAllah, we will come out of this chaos. Pakistan's enemies will be humiliated InshAllah. stay firm and now follow what we advice. There is khair in it.

Pakistan - Identifying and Building Response to Internal and External Threats 


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