Monday, May 13, 2013

These elections have divided the country on Provincial, ethnic and political lines dangerously

Dear Children,

Listen to this carefully.

These elections have been the most dangerous and rigged elections in Pakistan's history. Just as we had warned, in 1970 elections, the country was divided between East and West Pakistan. These elections have divided the country on Provincial, ethnic and political lines dangerously. Supreme Court and ECP has betrayed the nation and the ideology and have brutally violated all laws of the Constitution and morality.

Elections are NOT over yet. The fitnah will begin now when the stories of rigging, corruption and violence would come out and parties would start their protests.

In the parliament, it would almost be impossible to form the government peacefully. Worst corruption, dog-trading and secret deals would now be done. This will be repeated in all 5 assemblies and the process would be messy, filthy and even bloody.

If somehow, they are able to form the governments, the next real challenges of controlling terrorism, economic collapse, foreign policy and social development would be too staggering for these corrupt and stupid rulers.

Meanwhile, the media would continue to spread its anarchy and army would be most violently targeted by the PML(N) and their allies, media and the terrorists. Ideology of Pakistan would be most severely attacked and two nation theory, Islam and our values would be brutally violated.

All this fasad would begin from today and you will see their impact on media and social life.

Our advice to you: DO NOT lose heart. Stay firm, United and with stand tall with dignity. This is NOT the end of the world. We knew this would happen and we also have a counter plan, alhamdolillah. Follow our website and read about Misison Takmeel e Pakistan and prepare yourself for the knowledge based action, NOT empty emotionalism which you have been doing so far.

This system will NOT last long. The new rulers cannot control the crisis at hand. Now when everyone has seen the fruits of "democracy", the time has come to create a massive social pressure to demand "Patriotic caretaker govt" for 3 years which should do brutal accountability of these snakes.

Build the pressure on the social media. Allah will create ways to implement this. Sabr, the game has just begun. We the patriots will NEVER hand over our Pakistan to these snakes. InshAllah Khair.


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