Monday, May 6, 2013

This is Zaid Hamid's personal message to all PTI supporters.

This is my personal message to all PTI supporters.

Dear children, I don't need to introduce myself. I do not need to present my credentials as defense and security analyst and as an expert on understanding the 4th and 5th generation war. I also don't have to prove what Allah has gifted me about Iqbal and his vision. My credentials about love for Pakistan and its Islamic ideology are also established alhamdolillah. What I am today, is due to the mercy of Allah (swt) alone, not my own doing. Allah has not made me an arrogant person nor a munafiq nor someone who talks with forked tongue. We are what we appear and what our mission states -- Takmeel e Pakistan, alhamdolillah.

Almost all of you are young, enthusiastic and emotional youth, often extremely rude towards elders but patriotic but without any tarbiat or knowledge about complex Geo-politics, Iqbaliat or Quran.

Our opinion about IK is identical. sincere, patriotic but dangerously naive even stupid on national issues, being advised by some very dangerous men and his leadership would harm the country just as NS and Zardari. He is NOT better than anyone of them.

We are not going to stop you from elections as you have come this far and wont listen now. But realize that we know more than all of you put together in matters where Allah (swt) has gifted us with knowledge. I cannot compete with IK on matters of cricket. But he cannot compete with me on defense and security, Iqbal and national security. There is nothing personal here, just specializations. I can never be a cricket commentator. He can never become a defense analyst, despite the fact both of us may be very sincere to Pakistan.

Understand this difference before you start to attack us for commenting on IK and the politics of PTI. He is trying to become the PM of Pakistan. We are going to be very harsh on him for his mistakes would harm Pakistan. If you are sincere to Pakistan, you should point out his mistakes NOT defend them.

We are NOT your enemies. We don't support any other political party. DO NOT treat us like any political party which you must attack. We are your friends who is trying to stop you from a sure suicide but you are insisting upon jumping.

Remain respectful when you comment. You are what your leader is. This is what concerns us. Your leader and you both use extremely dirty language towards their opponents, which is good for a street rat but NOT a national leader. This is what we mean -- NO Tarbiat at all.

We had warned months ago that these elections would be bloody and dangerous and now you see the truth in our words. If you listen to us, there would be khair for you. Else, our duty is only to give azaan. We cannot guide the dead, dumb and the blind.

Pakistan is dangerously close to falling off the cliff but the leaders remain oblivious of the threats, fighting like cats and dogs while the enemies wage the final phases of the war upon us. Ya Allah Karam.

Jazak Allah to all of you. You will know soon how deadly wrong you have been. Then it would be too late. Astaghfurullah.



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