Saturday, June 15, 2013

For such a tragedy, Quaid had already told us what to do.

For such a tragedy, Quaid had already told us what to do.

Excerpt from the writing of Shaista Ikramullah about her meeting with the Quaid

"Sadly, I was unable to be in Karachi on that great birthday, August 14, 1947. I arrived in Pakistan in mid-September and met the Quaid, now its governor general, a few days later. He was under terrible strain. Partition had led to wholesale slaughter, and Pakistan, its economy completely disrupted, was also saddled with millions of Moslem refugees from India.

The Quaid asked me how I felt. "I miss the skyline of Delhi," I replied. He was silent for a moment. "I understand," he said, "but would you have kept the stones and monuments and lost the spirit?" "

On this day when the enemies have destroyed a beloved place, a symbol of our Quaid, his residence at Ziarat, one can take inspiration from these words said by the Quaid himself, to stay steadfast and carry on the legacy of the man who LIVED, not only in that home of his in Ziarat, but in the hearts of the people, and still does, and will do so in every beating heart of a Pakistani ! Insha Allah!


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