Saturday, June 15, 2013

Now imagine a budget based on Islamic economic values....

Imagine this:

Total Pakistan budget is around 5000 billion rupees which they cover from loans, taxes and other sources.

There is NO income from Zakat, NO agriculture Usher, No mineral Usher. NO head for recovery of looted wealth. NO head for recovery of taxes from US/NATO. No head for wealth generation through Pakistan's own natural/mineral/oil/gas resources. No saving of wealth from cutting down on expenditures/corruption.

Now imagine a budget based on Islamic economic values:

1. Zakat 3000 billion rupees per year. (it can be more as well).
2. 10 % of all agriculture produce goes to state, Usher. 1000 billion rupees. (it can be more. we are an agriculture based country)
3. Recovery of looted wealth through accountability of corrupt: 3000 billion rupees. Only one man Tauqir sadiq has ran away with 100 billion rupees. Imagine wealth owned by Zardari and his entire 900 MNA's, MPA's and cronies)
4. Taxes from US/NATO for land and air use for the last 12 years: 2000 billion rupees.
5. Income from own oil/gas/gold/copper/coal/minerals/gems around 2000 billion rupees.

Just these heads can give us: 11,000 billion rupees in one year.

All taxes in the country can be abolished. All fuel for the vehicles can be sold literally free. Government would have over 7000 billion rupees for development, education, health, defense in just one year.

But these badnaseeb rulers are drowned in Riba, being humiliated for their begging and are destroying their own nation because they are slaves of the Kuffar !!!


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