Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hamid Mir's Father broke East Paksitan, now Hamid Mir is working to break Baluchistan!!

His father broke East Pakistan. He is now working to break Baluchistan !! Ghaddar ibn e Ghaddar !!

Najam sethi was part of BLA and had killed Pak army officers and men. GEO's President Imran Aslam is also a close sympathizer and old associate of BLA. Now you know why every snake is in GEO on the payroll of Mir Shakeel !!

Every dog has his day. Now these traitors have started the war against patriots. By Allah, we will NEVER back off. This is our moment of glory. Alhamdolillah, enemies have been exposed. Now is the time to nail them on social media.


Anonymous said...

AoA. please always put sharing links to make it 'quick' to spread on social media. since network is so extensive in depth it sometimes becomes difficult to find this video on particular pageof the mission to share'... and this is a very important video.

please pump up the momentum on this harami!.
Jazak Allah khair

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