Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The actual court judgement on Yusuf ! He was NEVER convicted for Nubuwwat !!!

Dear members, now we will talk in the language of Sharia and Quran. So read carefully.

In Sharia, there are most strict requirements of evidence to convict someone, especially for death. If a married person commits adultery, he must be put to death but ONLY after 4 credible witnesses ! In the presence of even 3 witnesses, the person even if clearly proven to have committed adultery, cannot be punished !! This is sharia law which favors mercy and forgiveness NOT death.

Anyone putting false allegation or not producing the required number of witnesses is lashed as a punishment and their evidence is never accepted again. This is Islamic law !

Now we bring to you a fact which has never been discussed before but since those snakes have raised the issue, we now talk in the language of Quranic law to make you understand.

The Mullahs of Khatm e Nubuwwat had put 3 major allegations on Yusuf. The charges were:

1. He has claimed to be a prophet.
2. He has committed adultery/zina.
3. He has defrauded people of money.

There were many smaller but serious allegations also that he calls his followers as Sahabi etc etc ....

During the trial it was established that yusuf had NEVER claimed to be prophet but had discussed a concept of Khilafat ! (very common concept within sufi circles and also mentioned in quran). The prime witness who had accused Yusuf of claiming to be a prophet was a newspaper reporter Mian Ghaffar from Khabrain newspaper. He clearly accepted that Yusuf had never claimed prophet hood but talked about khilafat but also accepted that he is only a reporter and does not know the difference between Nubuwwat and Khilafat !!!! Note this point because judge relied on this evidence to sentence Yusuf !!

Yusuf also explained his belief under oath that he never claimed Nubuwwat but had tried to explain the concept of Khilafat in his sufi order. This is NOT blasphemy. According to sharia, his explanation should have been accepted.

The judge NEVER convected Yusuf on claim of Nubuwwat !!!! Yusuf was convicted for claiming Khilafat !!!! Can you believe this ?? They have been lying to you all along !

On Zina, judge writes that there is NO evidence of Zina !!! Making the Khatm e Nubuwwat mullahs liable to Qazaf, false evidence and punishment of lashes !!! The evidence of Mullahs could not be accepted after this judgement according to Sharia !!

Now you tell me, is this judgement of death according to Quran and Sunnah or violative of all laws of Quran and Sunnah ?? The court never judged on sharia, the judge never knew the difference between Nubuwwat and Khilafat and the prime witness was an idiot reporter only who accepted that Yusuf had never claimed prophethood but talked about Khilafat ! Zina was never proved and it was a false allegation.

It was because of this total farce trial that dozens of Ulama of ahl sunnat rose in anger and gave almost 40 fatwas that he has been wrongly convicted and the allegations are false. We have already shown you the fatwas and now show you the original court judgement. read yourself and see if he has been convicted on Nubuwwat or Khilafat and was Zina proved ????

Now all the Khatm e nubbuwat mullahs who had filed cases against Yusuf are liable for Qazaf for false zina allegation and false Nubuwwat allegations. This is what shariat says.

Do not go into the rest the allegations as according to the sharia, they are all unacceptable due to false witnesses under Qazaf.

Now you be the judge and pass a judgement on his case.

I am NOT his supporter or defender. have just mentioned the facts. you decide. take them to any scholar and lawyer and ask what does Quran says ??? You will know the truth.


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