Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Message of Zaid Hamid about Hamid Mir and Geo's lies and deception!

To all our young and new members, we have an advice for them:

In times of fitnah, the greatest weapon of Dajjal is media which spreads lies, confusions and bohtans to confuse you from the real issues. The entire Geo drama explained here along with a warning to those who are falling for the enemy's line. We have clarified our Stace, rejected the allegations and are now even more determined to destroy the snakes called GEO and their pets, InshAllah !

stay focused on duty NOT on deceptions created by the enemy. Khair inshAllah

Zaid Hamid Decisive Azaan Against Geo and its Pets from Ehtasham Ali on Vimeo.


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