Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time to move on !

Dear Team,

Yusuf issue is a distraction for us created by the enemies to divert us from attacking the Hindu Zionists and Aman Ki Asha. Close this chapter and focus on attacking the enemies.

We have clarified enough. Yousuf is dead and he can go to hell as far as I am also concerned and we are NOT his followers also. We have called him corrupt and misguided too. And we still say that if any Shariat court declare him Kafir, we will be the first person to call him a Kafir. That should be clear enough. Shariat and Quran has certain conditions which must be fulfilled. Other than that, we DO NOT defend Yusuf NOR represent him. You know this clearly. He created fitnah in deen we have always condemned him for that. But to call him a Kafir or fake prophet, shariat requirements must be fulfilled.

They call me a Kafir because I ask them to follow sharia Quran and sunnah ! We follow Quran and Sunnah not fatwas of haram charbi ka drum !!

Jazak Allah


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