Saturday, July 27, 2013

You must go through these stages of Tarbiyat to join our mission.....

Dear Children,
You are born at a time when fitna of Dajjal, 'confusion, lies, deception' is every where, but the opportunity of becoming a part of the most blessed group 'Afzal alshuhada' is also available to you alone because you are sons and daughters of Madina e Sani Pakistan. Syyedi Rasul Allah (SAW) has given the basharat to the martyres of Ghazwa e Hind that they will be amongst afzal alshuhada and Hazrat Abu Huraira's RA one of the biggest desire was to be bart of this Ghazwa.

If you have been gifted with the fire of Ishq e Rasul SAW and have been blessed to be on the right side of history then the next step for you is to go through the process of training and tarbiyat so that you can serve Rasul Allah SAW and his Madina e Sani to your utmost abilities and spread khair with every action.

To become a true soldier of Rasul Allah (SAW), you must under go this process of tarbiyat prescribed to us in Quran e Kareem, so that your thoughts, actions and decisions spread only khair, other wise you wont even know which action of yours ended you up on the wrong side astaghfirullah !

So watch and listen carefully to this episdoe of Halqa e Yaran and the next part which we will posted later and absorb the message of Quran and keep asking Allah for guidance and hikmat.

For reference about Ahadith e Ghazwa Hind :

The stages of Tarbiyat to join our mission as a... by BTghazwa


Muhammad Yahya said...

We Are With You Sir. You Are An Inspiration For Youth Of Pakistan.
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