Friday, August 16, 2013

Supreme court's actions and Egyptian Model explained by Zaid Hamid

Two points:

Supreme Court has sent a notice of article 5 against ARY News for the program of Sadaf in which we had blasted the BLA and threatened them with revenge !!! Can you believe that ??? SC has never sent any notice to BLA or TTP for waging a war against the state nor has sent any notice to GEO for waging a bloody media war against Pak army, ideology and nation but has now sent to ARY for defending Pakistan, exposing BLA and threatening them of revenge! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!!!

Also, let me clarify on Egyptian model and our support for army backed techno govt, Many people are confused here.

In Pakistan, We have always backed Army backed Civilian techno government for 3 years. We still stand for the idea as this democracy is collapsing on its own.

CIA took our idea and planted it in Egypt, where this was NOT needed. Egyptian army removed a good government of Morsi and brought in CIA planted technos as caretaker government. The idea is ours, the country in which it is deployed is wrong. Now they have a crisis in Egypt as morsi was a popular leader and anti American and Egyptian army is behaving like criminals.

We had proposed a medicine for Pakistan but they applied it on a different patient, hence making him worse.

We support this medicine for Pakistan NOT for Egypt. In Pakistan, the government is corrupt, collapsing, unpopular and CIA backed. Army is patriotic and nation stands with army. Pakistan is under war and threatened from all sides. The circumstances and threats are totally different from Egypt. here we NEED an army backed civil govt. In Egypt, Morsi was a good leader. Understand this clearly please.

We support military backed civil government in Pakistan NOT in Egypt. khair inshAllah.


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