Monday, August 19, 2013

There will be a war between Pakistan and India on water !

If we could live without the land of Kashmir, we certainly cannot live without the water from it. This is the Kishan Ganga Dam which India has made on Neelum river, not just blocking the river but also diverting the entire water to another Barrage to store it. Then in Monsoon season, they will release the water as they are doing now and in crops season they will block it to create a drought and destroy our agriculture. The entire present floods in Pakistan are result of release of water from various such dams in Kashmir. India is making almost 60 such dams while not a single major dam has been made in Pakistan in the last 30 years !! There is treason within and there are enemies outside.

But know this fact well. There will be a war between Pakistan and India on water. The excuse can be anything - from terrorism to LoC clashes or Kashmir uprisings. This war we cannot avoid. Either we die in the battle or become a Ghazi or we die thirsty or drowned in floods. They are starting this war. We will only finish it inshAllah.


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