Friday, August 30, 2013

This is the reason why this azaab is upon Muslims....

This is a most thought provoking piece from a religious scholar.

When we say that we stand for Khilafat e Rashida, Ghazwa e Hind and United States of Islam -- this mission is far above any sectarian divide or divisions or prejudice. When we call them to Islam, they ask our maslak and try to divide us within sects.

Today, this is the reason why this azaab is upon Muslims. All Muslim scholars and countries are divided on sects, fighting amongst each other while the enemies are slaughtering the Ummah all over the world.

For Allah sake, understand this fitnah before it is too late.


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

" Our Ummate rasool allah (sas) is at fight with each other",

The real people responsible for this ummat's Zawal (Decline)is the Ulama, the Ulamas are the real culprits.

we muslims have many social problems in our society, there is dowry problem, there is religious stiffness problem, but our Ulamas are only interested in sectarian minor differences, actually these Ulamas are not mad, but they are working for our enemies, there is a vicious circle of vested interest.

Allah had given the ummate rasool (sas) 1000 years time and the power on all nations, muslim kings and emperors rules all the known world for complate one thousand years (1000 years), but we and our inept Ulamas wasted the time.

now allah has given the chance to our enemies to take the revenge of allah and his rasool.

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