Saturday, August 17, 2013

What happened vs what should have happened.

Let us show you the reality of Zamurrad Vs Sikandar action :)))

Now when the politicians are trying to score points on a completely stupid and botched up anti-terror operation, the reality of the drama is exposed by some innocent children !!

One thing is clear -- we stand defenceless in the presence of this government, this police and this judiciary. May Allah have mercy upon Pakistan. In the meantime, enjoy the Zamurrad drama :))

Now this is the right way to do it. No non-sense, no dragging the issue, no media drama, no crowed -- just a sniper doing the job. Islamabad Police can learn a lot from this professional approach. They will need snipers, mental training, moral training and some good leadership -- all rare qualities in Pakistani police. There will be more real terrorist acts in Pakistan. It is time, Pakistani police learn some manners.


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