Saturday, August 17, 2013

Zaid Hamid, ali Shah Gilani, and Auriya Maqbool Jan on Din News with Neelum Nawab on the Kashmir Issue

Part 1 and 2 of our today's program on DIN News with Orya and a Hindu journalist . Part 2 would be with Ali Shah Gilani from Occupied Pakistani territory of Kashmir. That will be aired tomorrow inshAllah at 8 pm.

News Night (Din News) 16-08-2013 Part-1 by dm_519f20abdd05a

News Night (Din News) 16-08-2013 Part-2 by dm_519f20abdd05a


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
I've seen this programme due to you and Auria Maqbool Sb. But very unfortunate to say that even in our different channels our anchors, defense analyst/experts and journalist are on very defensive site whereas we should be transparent on our interest and represent our stance clearly as they do.

I've seen Uma Shankar was abusive with both of you and disrespectful and where standing on his stance whereas we were on defensive line.

When he and other journalist throughout our channels as visitors experts demanding Hafiz Saeed to put on trial or handover him to India and still defending Mumbai attacks were done by Pakistan why don't we show that dossier of baluchistan terrorism doing by India and represented to their PM Manmohan Singh and he accepted it and demand L.K Advani for our founder Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah attack to continue his case here in Pakistan.

There would be hundreds of other cases and stance that India is accused directly that should be addresed so our nation and other world should be aware otherwise.

Please this should be our prospective to clear our name and show India there crossborder terrorism face to all world before someone takes advantage of our situation.

Abdul Qadeer.

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