Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zaid Hamid, Munawwar Hassan and Wasim Badami on 11th Hour Ary News 13th August 2013

Watch the dilemma our beloved Medina e Sani is caught between, on one hand it is being stabbed by the religious parties totally oblivious of the present internal and external threats and foolishly playing at the hands of the TTP terrorists and CIA, and on the other hand it suffers at the hands of the liberal seculars who are willing to hand over our country to the enemy but never let the system of Islamic Social Justice prevail for which our founding fathers made this country in the first place.

Inna lillah e wa inna ilyhe rajeoon.

Our fierce battles with failed parties, failed systems and hard core enemies. ARY news program with Waseem Badami.


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