Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Facts of US economic shutdown.

These are the facts of US economic shutdown. Just imagine, US govt and people owe trillions of dollars to Federal reserve and other lenders. The question is why is US government in debt to Federal reserve if Fed Reserve is a govt organization like State Bank of Pakistan ? This is the dirty secret. US government does not control or own Federal reserve. They take loan from it. Jews control Federal reserve and own the US government and people. The entire US is slave of few Jewish bankers. Modern so called economists will never tell you this but are paid to hide this dirty secret.


The #US public debt has increased by almost 70% in 5 years, from 9.9 trillion in 2008 to 16.7 trillion in 2013

#Japan & #China respectively own 1.1 trillion & 1.3 trillion of #US public debt

#FederalReserve banks currently holds $2.1 trillion of #US public debt

Based on Jun 2012 figures, The #FederalReserve owns 16 percent of the Federal Debt held by the Public

NY Federal Reserve Bank,largest of the Federal Reserve banks,holds a significant portion of total holdings of the Federal Reserve system

Most of key actors in US Congress & Senate involved in shutdown debate are controlled by powerful corporate lobby groups including Wall Street

The #US debt is $16.8 trillions


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