Thursday, October 31, 2013

NATO confirms that Kabul and Delhi are waging a campaign of terror inside Pakistan.

Now read this by Ansar Abbasi !! Even NATO confirms that Kabul and Delhi are waging a campaign of terror inside Pakistan. Now we should strike at US / Indian/TTP interest inside Afghanistan. Gloves are off. Time for payback big time. We had been sying this for years. Now even the blind can see. We must send in Mujaideen into Kashmir, support the Sikhs and Maoists. Let the Hindu Zionists bleed.


Nato confirms Kabul-Delhi nexus to sabotage peace

ISLAMABAD: Amid some encouraging behind-the-scene developments in the dialogue process between the government and Taliban, Pakistan got an endorsement from the US-led Nato-ISAF top command about the existence of a nefarious Kabul-New Delhi nexus harbouring “safe havens” across the Durand Line. This nexus is being used for subversive activities inside Pakistan to derail the peace process.

The recent arrest of Latifullah Mehsud, the TTP’s second incommand, by the US forces and his subsequent interrogation has in particular badly exposed how Kabul has been fueling terrorism inside Pakistan by exploiting certain militant elements amongst the Pakistani Taliban.

Informed sources said that not only it has been confirmed that the recent attack on Maj General Sanaullah Khan Niazi and two other army men in Upper Dir was the work of Kabul and New Delhi but the later attacks on the Peshawar Church, in Qissa Khwani Bazaar and on an official bus of the Peshawar Secretariat were masterminded by the same nexus and by using the local militants.

Pakistani authorities have a lot to share in regard to the recent post-APC terrorist attacks but it is deliberately not making such information public to ensure that the peace process does not get derailed.

What is, however, seen as encouraging for Pakistan is the fact that the US-led Nato ISAF commanders have confirmed that there does exist “safe havens” across the Durand Line where some Pakistani militants are trained and equipped to launch subversive activities inside Pakistan.

The recent arrest of TTP’s second-in-command Latifullah Mehsud by the US-led Nato-troops and his subsequent interrogation has endorsed the Pakistani viewpoint on how the Kabul-New Delhi nexus was actively involved in terrorism inside Pakistan.

Shortly before his recent capture by the US-troops, it is said that Latifullah Mehsud had met key figures in Kabul, including top Afghan intelligence officials. According to reports, Latifullah Mehsud was arrested by American forces as he was driving along a main highway in eastern Logar province’s district of Mohammad Agha. It is said that American forces seized Mehsud while he was with the Afghan army.


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