Saturday, October 19, 2013

Waar ignites the patriots, sets the enemies on fire !

Alhamdolillah, the fire of Ishq and Junoon which we ignited for Pak Sarzameen is now burning the tails of Beyghairat Brigade and pro-Hindus liberal fascists !! They know it too

For the first time, a patriotic movie destroying the entire narrative of SAFMA snakes and Aman Ki Asha pimps, alhamdolillah. These snake seriously suspect, we wrote the script :)) Well, we will not acknowledge nor deny

though the Waar is not ideologically in line with Medina e Sani's spiritual role, it is still a strong patriotic movie which is setting a positive trend in fighting the information war against Pak Sarzameen.

Let the Mushriks, Congressis, Khawarij and beyghairat Brigade burn in hell !! This faqeer will haunt them even after their deaths !!



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