Monday, November 18, 2013

As a nation, we are asking for a most severe punishment from Allah (swt)

There is no sign that Nawaz government is getting the grips on any of the crisis at hand. Security is collapsing, economy is in shambles, law and order is deteriorating and provincial governments are in mess. A CIA drone has destroyed all hope of the government to cut a peace deal with the TTP and now the new hardliner leader of the RAW/CIA backed insurgent group is aggressively attacking the State and the people. 

Fazlullah have started attacks on Pakistan. In Chitral, at least 10 para-military soldiars of Chitral scouts were killed when a post was attacked from Kunar this week. The sectarian riots in Pindi have a strong hand of Congressi Takfiri mullahs and violent Shock forces within the processions. Just needed a spark and the situation went out of control. 

Nawaz Shareef’s own government is infested with sympathizers for terrorists and in the absence of the law minister, defense minister, foreign minister and the army chief, it is a hopeless task for NS to even begin developing a response. As a result, State is taking losses on daily basis and the space is being occupied by the insurgents rapidly, increasing the pressure on Pak army exponentially. 

Within the next 10 days, NS has to announce the next army chief. This one decision would decide the fate of the country, government and the insurgencies which are now raging within the country. Nawaz wants a weak General but the circumstances demand a tough fighting leader. For NS, it is between the devil and the deep sea. If he brings a weak Commander, even then the government and the State would be threatened. If he brings a tough hard task master General, the State would be secured but then a weak and afraid Prime Minister may also feel threatened needlessly. His fears are sinking the ship of his government, taking the State with it to the bottom. This is such an irony at such a critical time of Pakistan’s history. Pakistan is sinking and an indecisive prime minister has NO team to build a responce -- No army chief, no joint chief, no foreign minister, no law minister, no deference minister and the ship is sinking rapidly.. Remember this, if any harm comes to Pakistan from the stupidity of NS, this time the nation will not spare him. This is his 3rd time as PM. Now there will be NO mercy for him. 

For now, we can do nothing but wait for the decision which now seems just days away. As a nation, we are asking for a most severe punishment from Allah (swt). All the talks shows, Fatwas, debates, discussions that you see in the society today will not prevent this millat from a most painful punishment, astaghfurullah !


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