Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NATO supplies must be blocked, no doubt, but also look at this angle !

NATO supplies must be blocked, no doubt, but also look at this angle ! The supplies are also the source of weapons for Afghan Mujahideen ! There are nearly quarter of a million weapons stolen from NATO forces and containers which pass through Pakistan and those weapons have destroyed the US, as no countyr was allowed to give weapons to Afghan Taliban !! Now got it ??

If Pakistan was supporting US, we would have destroyed Afghan Taliban and Haqqani, we did not do that. We co...uld not supply Afghan Taliban with weapons, so we allowed the supplies into Afghanistan where Afghan Mujahideen robbed the containers and armed themselves !

Of course, NATO also used this supply to arm TTP and occupy Afghanistan but unless Pakistan decide to eject the foreign forces from Afghanistan, the only way to deliver weapons to Afghan Mujahideen is NATO supplies :)

If we want to destroy TTP, we must throw the Americans out. Otherwise, just blocking the supplies going into Afghanistan would also block Mujahideen weapons. Yes, we should block the route coming back from Afghanistan to Karachi and seize all military hadrware which US is trying to take out. That is our war booty :)

British guns used against Nato forces in Afghanistan

Dozens of British machine guns have been stolen in Afghanistan and used against Nato forces, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

MINIMI automatic machine gun
The 59 Minimi machine guns were not reported missing for almost a year Photo: MoD/PA
Serious questions are being asked about a cover-up by commanders in Helmand after the 59 Minimi machine guns were not reported missing for almost a year. The theft was revealed only when American forces recovered two of the guns following a battle with the Taliban.
Liam Fox, the Defence Secretary, who was told about the incident this week, is said to be furious that the weapons were allowed to be taken by the insurgents and, potentially, could have been used against British troops.
He has ordered an inquiry into why enough weapons to equip an infantry battalion could go missing without anyone noticing or being informed.
The light machine guns, which can fire 1,000 rounds a minute, were flown from Britain to Camp Bastion in Helmand last October. They were then transported overland to British forces operating at Kandahar airfield but it is believed the convoy was either ambushed or the weapons were illegally sold. No one realised or reported that they had gone missing until last month, when American forces operating in southern Afghanistan discovered two of the guns, whose serial numbers matched those stolen. Defence sources have described the incident as a “terrible embarrassment for British forces”.
“We have no evidence that they have been used against British forces but clearly it’s an alarming situation,” said one defence source.           



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