Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NEVER trust media !!

Read the last few paras of this news. It was Jang group which also gave the news that Haqqani's have condemned the death of Hakeem Ullah. Here, it is confirmed that Haqqanis never said anything like that and never supported the TTP leader. Also, the statement of Afghan Taliban is quoted where they have condoled the death of Haqqani but have NOT blamed Pakistan. TTP, however, is blaming Pakistan as usual, despite the fact that Haqqanis and Fazlullah are at war with each other over attack on Fazlullah in Kunar.

The point is -- NEVER trust media !! Trust someone who is sincere to you and has the wisdom to see through the lies of the enemies. This is our duty. Most of the people do not have the experience, knowledge or the vision to see through the media deceptions. That is why we say, either trust us or follow anyone else of your choice. We are in war and have no time for confusions or replies to childish questions. jazak Allah.

haqqani laid to rest


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