Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Debate with Zaid Hamid 22nd Program - CIA sponsored sectarian wars in Muslim lands

From Syria to Iraq, and now in Pakistan, sectarian clashes are encircling the entire Muslim world. More than 95 % of Pakistanis are peace loving Muslims and have no issues with other sects. It is a minority that follows Takfiri ideology and they are being used by the West to create anarchy inside Pakistan. Watch this program to know how CIA sponsors extremist elements in a few sects to wage a war on Muslim Ummah. Musharraf should be trialed according to Article 6 but then nobody in this country can escape Article 6! Zardari, Gillani, CJ, all are guilty! There should not be selective trial of Musharraf. Nawaz Shareef should know that he is not Erdogan and this is not Turkey!


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