Saturday, November 23, 2013

Those who want to join our mission......

Dear Children, 

many youngsters are insisting that they want to join our mission and BrassTacks. Let us clarify for them. 

There are 3 levels of our work that we do at BrassTacks. 

1. First is fighting the information war on social media, FB, twitter and blogs. This is the most important aspect of the duty that we have. In this battle, every patriotic Pakistani can join us when you share, spread and propagate the message and the mission and reply to the hostile posts. Thousands of our members on FB and Twitter do this duty and make the most formidable social media warriors. You can also join our volunteer mailing group which is on our website and be more close to us and join the discussions as well with thousands of members in group. You may be anywhere in the world but you can contribute this way. You can make Jpegs, videos, presentations etc about the mission and share with the team for mass circulation. You can join the twitter team to create trends and re-tweet messages. All this is volunteer work, done by passionate volunteers. everyone is welcome here. 

2. Second part of the work is in our office where we write policy papers, do security and historical research, translate our works into Urdu or English, transcribe and compose our lectures into books, proof read, edit and print books and magazines etc. This is a specialized work and we already have a small team for this duty. 

3. Third level is media appearances, TV programs, joining discussions, lectures, seminars and interviews. This we manage at our own in house levels and do not need a huge volunteer team for this aspect of mission as well. 

follow this FB page, read our policy papers and watch videos and TV programs that we have done in the past. Those who have joined us now do not know that we have done nearly 1000 programs and fantastic series on Islamic history, Pakistan movement, Pak army, Quaid, Iqbal and geo-politics. You must educate yourself before you can do the duty. Arm yourself with knowledge first. 

Learn to write, read and speak well in Urdu and English at least. You must have a strong pen and a powerful language. You can start your own websites, FB pages and blogs and spread the message. Be a leader and be a guide for others. Do what we are doing but remain humble and learn before you apply. 

There are nearly 200K members on this page but look at the number of shares on a post !! Few hundred at most ! why ?? At least you can share the knowledge and be part of this mission. 

We DO NOT need fans. Pakistan need die hard fighters ! If you think you have this courage to face what we face everyday, then join us  It is NOT easy to stand next to us  Very few actually do under such heat and intense opposition. 

We will do our duty at all cost, InshAllah ! We have not come this far due to the help of any party of group or organization. We have come here because of khair and barakah from Allah (swt) and Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Allah is enough for us. If you want to join us, be ready to face most harsh and difficult trials. This is a dangerous path that we follow. very dangerous !


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