Saturday, November 16, 2013

TTP Khawarij feel safe in Afghanistan under CIA/RAW protection

Read this news. What more proof do you need that TTP Khawarij feel safe in Afghanistan under CIA/RAW protection. Fazlullah, refuse to come to Pakistan because Pak army strikes them here. He prefers to stay in Afghanistan to wage their dirty war against Pakistan. The argument they give is so silly and hilarious :) "he will live in Afghanistan to remain safe from drones" ! Lolz.. as if drones cannot strike in Afghanistan. Yes, this is the harsh fact. CIA never drones TTP bases in Afghanistan. In fact, they are trained, funded, given weapons and then sent into Pakistan and when Pak army tries to stop the entry, then NATO attacks them in Salala types attacks. This is the sinister game we are facing. 

The new terrorist number 2 Khalid Haqqani is a dear student of Maulana Samee ul Haq of JUI (S). Can anyone ask this Maulaba sb that while Khalid proudly associates himself with Darul Uloom Haqqania, wold Mullah Samee ul Haq would also distance himself from terror or not ?? The entire fasad is due to men like Fazal ul rehman, Samee ul Haq and Munawwar Hasan. Every terrorist using religion has some connection with these three mullahs ! Astaghfurullah !


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