Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zaid Hamid's analysis on COAS appointment

While I believe in destiny, I also believe in changing it through forces beyond this realm of existence. Allah is always the best of the planners. 

For now, we will comment on the media reports about the new appointments. 

Nawaz Shareef decided under fear but Allah will bring khair from it inshAllah. Every officer at the top had his own skill set and capabilities and in these times of war, each had their own role to play. Their mutual relationships also mattered and so does their temperaments and attitudes. 

There were 4 officers in the run for the COAS, in order of seniority. 

1. General haroon Aslam, a Commando and a leader and a fighter who had seen and led wars. 
2. General Rashad, a gentleman staff officer known for administrative skills. 
3. General Raheel, a gentleman clean, patriotic officer known for intellectual, academic prowess and carries the legacy of his Shaheed Nishan e Haider brother Shabbir Shareef. 
4. General Tariq, a true breed of fighting tiger known for war experience, courage and leadership. Comes from a family of proud traditional and brave Royalty, a man of high pedigree and intellectual caliber. 

General Tariq is the only Pashtun in the group. Rest are from Punjab. 

Now when the deck has been shuffled, following picture has emerged. 

1. Rashad has moved as CJCSC, an academic, coordination and planning post. He is well suited there. Raheel could have also easily adjusted there by virtue of his academic and administrative experiences. 
2. Raheel as become the COAS, at a time when the nation and country is in a state of bloody war. A tough duty for a very fine gentleman, where a bloody mess awaits him. 
3. Tariq has officially become the senior most General after COAS and would unofficially be like vice chief of army staff. 
4. Haroon has resigned. 

Nawaz Shareef wanted to keep the two war experienced Generals out of equation completely. General Haroon and General Tariq both were the fighting types and very naively, he saw them as a threat. Typical sign of hollow and shallow leadership. So he totally ignored Haroon, who resigned after being superseded. Tariq was 4th in seniority anyways and thus was not superseded and he stays in the army – a blessing for Pakistan truly. 

Now what is extremely encouraging in this combination is that army would be run by Raheel and he would be advised by his best friend General Tariq. Both are great friends, patriots, have good chemistry with each other and Raheel, gentleman as he is, respects and accepts Tariq’s fighting skills and courage with open heart. Both Raheel and Tariq would make a deadly duo inshAllah ! Where calm and academics is required, Raheel can prevail. Where aggression, courage and bulldozing the enemy is needed, Tariq would lead the march. Raheel cannot deliver without Tariq’s help in these deadly times. Afghanistan and FATA are regions of Tariq. He knows the people, language, tribes, terrain and its complex geo-politics. His family has lived in those mountains as Chieftains for 4 centuries. Tariq will be Raheel’s most trusted advisor, comrade and even mentor where Raheel finds the going rough. 

If Nawaz wanted to keep Tariq out, he has failed miserably. Pakistan army is a solid institution, led and commanded by patriots, despite the utmost desire of the hollow politicians to turn it into a glorified police force or a bickering political party. 

Pakistan now faces the most dangerous and existential threats since its creation. Politicians have proved that they are incapable of taking serious leadership roles. That is why they remain terrified of army all the time. It must be remembered that army never takes over by choice until the collapse becomes so critical that it threatens the state itself. The best insurance against Martial law is corruption free, good governing, solid political leadership which can give nation a new vision of hope. Why Quaid e Azamn never feared a coup despite such economic collapse in the country at the time of creation ? He commanded respect of the armed forces, that’s why. Nawaz is hated in the country, let alone respected by the army. 

If Nawaz continues to follow the path of self inflicted destruction, which he is doing nowadays, then even the most gentlemanly officer of the army would also reprimand him. For now, NS has tried to play smart. He has planned but he forgets that Allah is the best of the planners. When Allah wants to humiliate a corrupt and incompetent ruler, He has many ways other than martial law. NS will find out very soon. Very soon. 

But for the Pak army, we are happy. This is a good combination under the circumstances and inshAllah, now we can expect some aggressive and positive changes in the army and in the war against enemies. 

We patriots offer full and unconditional support to the army leadership, especially to Raheel and Tariq. This team is a fighting, lethal combination, inshAllah ! 

InshAllah, khair for Pak Sarzameen. Pakistan Zindabaad !


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