Sunday, November 3, 2013

Zaid Hamid's views and analysis on Hakimullah Mehsood's death.

To all idiots who say that Zaid Hamid was wrong on TTP do not even deserve a reply for their stupidity, blindness and insanity. For the last 8 years, TTP has killed over a 100,000 Pakistanis and attacked Pakistan just as Indian army or Mukti Bahini would do. Every act of terror was claimed by TTP, thousands were captured with suicide jackets and explosives. Now even the US/NATO is forced to accept that TTP is backed by RAW, while we know that TTP is also backed by CIA.
 In t...he past Pakistan army tried to cut peace deals with many local tribal militants who had joined TTP earlier to prevent them from attacking Pakistan. It was good strategy to divide various groups with TTP. in 2004, Mullah nek Muhemmed was the first man to break away from TTP and he signed the peace deal with Pak army. Within days, CIA killed him in a drone. What do you say about this ??? Yes, TTP is a CIA/RAW supported gang and that is why CIA would never allow any TTP commander to even talk peace with Pakistan. Mullah Nazir, Qari Zainuddin, Qari Wali ur rehman were all TTP commanders who wanted to sign peace deals with Pakistan. All were killed by CIA either through drones or through other TTP commanders.

Just last month, Afghan Taliban attacked Mullah Fazlullah in Kunar, after he had killed General Sanaullah. What does this mean ?? who attacked Fazlullah inside Afghanistan ? can you tell ?? There were Afghan Taliban !

After Latif Ullah Mehsud was captured by US forces and the entire RAW/CIA/Afghan covert war was exposed, (read the news below), Hakeem ullah had come under great pressure from all sides -- his original handlers CIA/RAW were furious with him for letting Latif ullah get captured.

TTP is a proxy arm of RAW/CIA and such groups are always disposed/killed after their use is over or their cover is blown or they become too difficult to handle. If CIA drone has killed Hakeem Ullah, it does NOT mean CIA was his enemy. It simply means, he had become difficult to handle and had become a liability, hence killed. Normal procedure for secret services like CIA in such dirty wars.

There are many types of militant groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a complex dirty game. This is not a turf for ordinary young kids to comment upon. This is one of the most complicated, dirtiest, darkest battle zone.

1. Afghan Taliban who are anti-US but NOT anti-Pak.
2. Arabs fighters like Ayman Zawihiri who pretend to be pro-Afghan Taliban, but are pro-TTP and anti - Pakistan.
3. TTP, which claims to be pro-Afghan Taliban but in reality is CIA/RAW backed group and is anti-Pakistan.
4. Local militants commanders who keep on changing sides -- some times join TTP, sometimes cut peace deals with Pakistan, sometimes send few fighters to support Afghan Taliban. Hafiz Gul Bahadur is one of those.
5. Then there are criminals who have joined TTP and made their own groups and are fighting Pakistan. Mangal Bagh types criminals fall in this group.
6. Then there are Jalaluddin Haqqni group where young Siraj Haqqani's father Jalal uddin Haqqani is an old Mujahid and is pro-Pakistan but his son Siraj is more aggressive against Pakistan and close to Arabs of Zawihiri types and thus close to TTP also but he is also part of Afghan Taliban. It gets complicated here.
7. Mullah Omar is strongly against India, US and against TTP and is pro-Pak.
8. Hekmatyar is pro-Pak, anti-TTP and anti-Mullah Omer also :) Hekmatyar does not accept Mullah Omer as their leader.
9. Then there are Afghan national army, Black waters, CIA, RAW operating their own groups and terrorists for war against Pakistan.

So, when CIA kills Hakeem ullah, it can mean many things:

1. Hakeem wanted to start peace deals with Pak, hence killed by drone.
2. Hakeem had become a liability for CIA after Lateefullah was captured, hence had to be silenced.
3. Hakeem might be talking to Afghan Taliban for protection and support now when he knew that he will be killed by CIA and CIA came to know of this "betrayal" and thus killed him.

Whatever be the case, the fact is clear. Hakeem Ullah was a terrorist, a kharjee, a snake, a killer, an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm), who met his fate -- killed by his own handlers once he became a liability. That is it.

Hakeem Ullah was NOT an Mujahid nor fighting the US nor fighting the Indians BUT was an enemy of Ummah and have gone to hell, Alhamdolillah.

This is our take on his death.


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