Monday, December 9, 2013

From Quetta to Peshawar, the Khawarij are targeting the doctors now as well....

My heart bleeds to read this. Let me share with you a painful email that I received from family of a kidnapped doctor. Now when IK and NS still want to go soft on the Khawarij/terrorists then this anarchy/blood is on their hands ! read this mail and recite dua for our beloved Pak Sarzameen. Ya Allah khair. From Quetta to Peshawar, the Khawarij are targeting the doctors now as well to make money. Read this...

And yes, there is something on Bahria town as well.... I will ask Malik Riaz to fear Allah and do what must be done to this brother. 


Assalam o Alaikam dear Sir Zaid hamid,

I am an Emergency medicine physician working in Sydney Australia for the last six years.My main objective was to get Emergency Medicine training which was not available in Pakistan and get back to serve my country and train Pakistani doctors.I come from a family who are strong patriots and we are four brothers and all of us are working as specialist doctors Alhamdolillah.

The reason I\'m writing today is that my brother in law who is an American citizen and a highly qualified medical specialist was kidnapped from hyatabad Peshawar few months back when I got the news in madinah while I was at Hajj.The kidnappers finally released him after getting millions of dollars from our families.We lost whatever we had earned and now have nothing.

The reason he came to Pakistan was to serve his people and to invest all the money in Pakistan and he never even traveled in any airline other than PIA. The whole family is in shock that is this the country and people he made all the sacrifices for?????His wife got divorce from him as he left the luxurious life and came to Pakistan.He is a religious person but when he needed help,he wouldn't find any Police,he couldn't find any Intelligence Agency,he couldn't find any court, he couldn\'t find any Government.We are Yateem and Yaseer Qaum.We have no one.

I myself suffered as my father got three plots for us in Behria town Rawalpindi and payed all the dues and even paid on top of that when they demanded that the cement and Surya has gone high in price.We have paid all the money injecting all the wealth into our dear country and now the snake \" MALIK RIAZ \" has cancelled the plots saying its commercialised and the plots have been deleted so you wait for another three years and then we would give you plots in a phase which hasn\'t even started yet ??He doesn\'t meet us.he doesn\'t give us the money back even our original one, which he has used for 13 yrs and when I went to the so-called Supreme court of Pakistan wasting all my Annual leave,they replied back after 2 months that you should go to the High court first.

I\'m writing to you today dear Sir Zaid is that these are the issues that needs a proper programme and due to this Pakistan is loosing all the Patriots who are talented and want to do something for their country.My brother in law was a millionaire and now he is nearly on the streets as those Vultures took everything that he earned in the last 20 yrs. He is leaving Pakistan for ever now.Who should be held responsible for this big blow tp Pakistan.These people should be be-headed officially in front of the Presidency so that no one should ever do these crimes again.

My own brothers are investing in Australia now and cancelled all plans to build a state of art Trauma centre in Islamabad which the Pakistani people had never seen before.What a shame sir!!!!
Please highlight these issues as there are a lot of Pakistanies overseas who want to do something but these GANDAGEERS who kidnap people and are earning with the help of ministers,police and bank people who provide full details of the accounts to them.They have a strong network and lobby.Two other doctors have been kidnapped within 72 hours after the release of my brother in law and no one seems to stop them and they are even taking bhatta like MQM from private hospitals.

Please Sir Zaid say something about these rascals who are damaging not only families but damaging economy boosts and talent coming to Pakistan.

If Imran Khan can\'t stop drones as they fly ,at least he should do something about these vultures on the ground.I would contact him also when I come to pakistan Inshallah.We need your advice and help Sir.Jazakallah Khair.



UK said...

what a shame!!! :'''(
May Allah help the oppressed and destroy the oppressors and give us power to recognize and destroy the oppressors

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