Sunday, February 9, 2014

Welcome to the "shariat" of Khawarij !!

 Taliban are demanding Shariat in Pakistan. The idiots or the naive within our ranks seem to agree with these snakes. Lets see the version of "shariat" these Khawarij would bring. We cannot post the video of these Khawarij playing football with the heads of our soldiers. But that is also part of "shariat" of Khawarij. Innalillahe...

This poor kid only had a song in his phone memory card. Now "Islam" is being taught to him, astahhfrullah !! This is NOT the shariat of Rasul Allah (sm). This is the self made Shariat of Khawarij, Lal masjid, Fazlullah and their supporters in CIA and RAW. 

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