Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The last dispatch that Captain Khalid Iftikhar Shaheed made minutes before he left for a raid to embraced shahadat.

By Allah, we have neither forgotten their Shahadat nor forgiven the enemies and the traitors. Each of these shaheed and Ghazi is Mohsin of the Ummah and millat. They are the Pak army/Navy/Airforce -- the pride of the millat. 

NOT a single politician or a media person has ever given their life voluntarily facing the bullets for the country. But they have the shameless audacity to question the sacrifices of these brave lions ! 

By Allah, we will take revenge from Geo. Their treason has caused so many deaths of these brave officers and men. Each one will be revenged. This is a promise we make on this day to remember our Shuhada !

Captain Khalid's Last Mail


waqarkhan said...

We are with brave soldiers who are fighting for survival of Pakistan

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