Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Debate with Zaid Hamid 88th Program - An honest inquiry about Dr TUQ's strategy to bring revolution.

The Debate english Sunday Night.

My only question is : If Dr. TUQ wants to implement his agenda, he will need full absolute total powers in his hand and that he cannot have through elections. So elections are out of questions for PAT. 

Army must stage a coup and then bring Dr. TUQ. I do not see any chance of that. 

Street power should over throw the government and then the people bring him into power as sultan/President/ameer whatever. That seems to be the plan but how?

He is taking about changing the constitution and that cannot be done while staying within the constitution. How our dear Dr. sahib plan to take absolute powers in his hands?? Street power can bring governments down but cannot form them. Egypt is a classic recent case. Tehreer square has been wasted -- all the sacrifices, all the shaheeds, all the demand for a revolution went to waste because ordinary people can bring governments down but CANNOT make governments !

This is an honest inquiry and would like mature decent answers to this without getting involved in too much of emotionalism or harsh retorts. Pl only comment if you can make decent posts. Jazak Allah.

The Debate with Zaid Hamid (PTI & PAT Protest... by zemtv


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