Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is our duty, our mission, our strategy….

We are often asked – What is your mission and how do you plan to achieve it ?? What is your sect and which school of thought you belong to?? 

For years, we have been explaining this phenomenon on multiple forums and once again, we explain it here from an old video recorded in 2012 !! We started our this phase of mission in 2007, alhamdolillah – never deviating an inch from the vision, strategy and mission defined in the first program and now after 7 years of hard fighting, we remain fiercely determined and focused on the path and the destiny we charted out for us and the millat.

Our enemies, khawarij, Mushriks and Zionists continue to remain in a make belief world of denial, trying to belittle and mock our duty and mission and its astounding success. But the reality is that this sacred Mission continues to progress in leaps and bounds, charging forward, crushing the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm), wherever they may be, alhamdolillah !!

This is our duty, our mission, our strategy…. You are welcome to join… But know that this is a going to be a harsh battle demanding sweat and blood. This is the path of the honorables, not the beyghairat ones. 


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