Thursday, January 19, 2012

A haunting reminder from history

A "memo" was also written around 1485 when a treacherous King Abdullah of Muslim Spain wrote to the Christian powers that if he is allowed to stay in power, then he will hand over Muslim Andulusia to Christians and in return he only wanted "over seas accounts, lands and wealth".

The supreme court, people and the "media" as well as the army knew of these secret deals but they were either compromised or remain silent in national interest. The result was that this traitor King Abdullah remained in power and handed over the state of Granada, the last Muslim fortress of Islam in western Europe to Christians. The name of the Prime Minister of this traitor Muslim king was also Yusuf !!

Today, an identical "memo" has been written by another treacherous king, on same terms to hand over the last fortress of Islam to the Christian Zionist powers if he kept in power and allowed to keep over seas wealth. The national courts, media and intellectuals know about it but are either part of this trachea or staying silent because they do not want to break the constitution. The army remains confused on what to do when the entire government and courts are behaving strangely, even treacherously. Time is running out. The name of the Prime Minister today is also Yusuf!! 
 پانچ سو سال پرانا میموگیٹ اسکینڈل


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