Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A dangerous escalation in Islamabad. Dr. Qadri has "dismissed" the government...

A dangerous escalation in Islamabad. Dr. Qadri has "dismissed" the government, parliament, President and the PM. Now advancing towards "NO go area" on D chaok ! Almost declared himself the caretaker "PM"!

Technically, what he has done is called "rebellion" ! The clash is now inevitable between the people and the forces of Zardari and Rehman Malick. The government is not going to abandon its power so easily.

An anarchy in the making.... There are daughters, sisters and children.... Ya Allah Khair......

Zardari regime in real crisis now.

It took bomb blasts, dead bodies and a sit in by Hazaras to bring down Baluchistan government.

Supreme Court destroys the Prime Minister's authority.

Protest in Islamabad is increasing pressure on the regime.

Now nature is conspiring to bring the regime down. But who will replace them ??? This is where Pak army will have to intervene decisively. Events are unfolding rapidly and enemies are preparing to exploit the crisis. Khair inshAllah.

No government in Pakistan today. SC decapitates PM and TUQ seizes the Capital. Parliament cannot sit, hence no political process can begin. For how long Pakistan can afford to stay in this dangerous state of limbo when a war is going on in the country and Indians are threatening the borders.

No matter what the politicians says, the game is out control of the hands of the government and the politicians now. IK still demands elections. Strange!!

Question is for how long army would wait ???. In the end, it is the call of army. Only they can decide what to do now. Martial Law or a take over to bring Caretaker government. Under no constitution or law, SC or political parties can bring caretakers. It is a free for all now. Total anarchy!

Our message to Imran and PTI:

The Hazaras of Quetta had put up a brave stand in freezing conditions to bring down the corrupt provincial government. Now thousands of Pakistanis are putting up a brave fight in Islamabad in extreme conditions to remove this regime. Zardari is under extreme pressure now. Chef Justice has also been encouraged and has taken the much delayed step of ordering the arrest of Prime Minister also. This is the moment to launch your own movement in support of the cause. Do not delay now. Launch immediately.

We may have many differences on strategy, policies and vision but we are common on one agenda -- remove this regime and bring about patriotic caretaker government which should reform the system and recover the state. We will deal about the elections later.

There is a complete political anarchy in Islamabad now. This is an unprecedented crisis. parliament is under siege and the entire government has fled. Constitution is silent on such a crisis. We have rejected the caretaker setup by the two political parties. Now the parliament is also under siege and government is incapacitated. This situation cannot continue indefinitely. Pakistan cannot remain without a government for long. The crisis must be resolved quickly and that needs a force multiplier.

Indians are waiting on their toes to exploit the power vacuum in Pakistan. If the political parties delay the resolution of the crisis, enemies would exploit our national security.

InshAllah Khair for Pak Sarzameen.


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