Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join Pakistan Forces - Defend Madina e Sani - Pakistan Needs You Now !

Indians have again attacked Line of Kashmir tonight. We have one soldier Naek Ashraf as Shaheed! Innalillahe Inna ilehe rajeoon.

The escalation is rising rapidly on borders. Pakistan army is already on the alert and is being deployed and the Indians are also deploying their forces along the main borders also.

The politicians, media and the SC has no idea of the threats building on our borders. Indians are deliberately provoking us and their top most military leadership is threatening us of war at a front of their choice!

That is why we ask the army to resolve the crisis in Islamabad quickly as we have no government in Islamabad today. Going to war with Zardari as President would mean a national suicide.

Pakistani nation -- wake up. Hindu Zionists are planning a war when we are weakest within. We had warned you about this Cold Start. Now Indians are deploying it while we remain bitterly divided within.

Let the Hindu Zionists come. We have been waiting for Ghazwa e Hind for centuries...Allahu Akbar !


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