Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally, Pakistan army changes its entire military doctrine recognizing the 4th Generation War...

Finally, Pakistan army changes its entire military doctrine recognizing the 4th Generation War and 5th Generation war as the real and immediate danger to Pakistan. For years, we were hammering this idea that urban decentralized asymmetric warfare is the biggest threat to Pakistan as part of the 4thGW. Now, our analysis stand vindicated and army accepts our doctrine totally, alhamdolillah!

All those who called us conspiracy theorists should hang their heads in shame. All those who call us Facebook analysts should jump into the Indus. All those who say that we should do something "practical" should climb the highest pole and jump from it.

Allah is proving us right alhamdolillah and our demands are being accepted and picked up by all mainstream policy makers. We now demand patriotic caretakers for 3 years, blocking of elections and a most ruthless bloody accountability of traitors. InshAllah, soon, this will happen also.

We are warning the traitors now. You can make fun of our sacred mission as much as you want. We are coming after you, InshAllah! Remember, now army also says -- traitors are the biggest threats !! Got it ???

Pakistan army sees “internal threats” as greatest security risk

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan army has changed its operational priorities for the first time in eleven years and described internal threats as the greatest risk to the country’s security, DawnNews reported on Wednesday. 
The ongoing guerrilla war in the tribal area near borders with Afghanistan and armed attacks from different groups and elements on security installations and in cities were mentioned as biggest security threat in the new ‘army doctrine.’

The army publishes the doctrine to review its war preparedness and capabilities in order to keep them on the right track.

A new chapter, ‘sub-conventional warfare’ has been included in the “green book” for the first time.
Without naming characters in the war, the book talked about few groups and elements and also mentioned cross-border attacks from Afghanistan.

The over 200-page green book is being distributed among military commanders and the military sources said that it would also be shared with the public and will also be posted on the army’s website at an appropriate time.

According to BBC, defence analyst Talat Masood says that Pakistan army for the first time has admitted that the real threat is emanating internally and along the western borders and not from India, which was previously considered as number one enemy of the state.


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