Saturday, January 26, 2013

Isn't this shameful......

Isn't this shameful that while the whole Ummah is being invaded, attacked, raped and destroyed by the Kuffar, the only issue the scholars discuss these days is whether celebrating the Milad is jaiz or not ?? Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon.

Those so called corrupt scholars, who are at war with Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and who have given fatwas to make Riba based banking Halal are barking that celebrating Milad is bidah, astaghfurullah ! People carry haram fake paper currency in their pockets and deal with riba and then come and ask if Muslims should show their love on the milad of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Just check your pockets -- if you are dealing with haram paper currency of Riba, then shut up, dont give fatwas on Milad.

Oh, people, celebrating milad is not the biggest crisis for this Ummah today. For Allah's sake wake up and know your enemies. Your daughters are being kidnapped, raped and your lands being destroyed and invaded and you are arguing over matters which have so strong opinions within the Ummah.

DO NOT start a sectarian war here. Both sides have their arguments. If you do not want to celebrate, don't start a war with those who want to.

Rasul Allah (sm) started to fast on Monday because it was His milad day. This is a matter of love and adab only. No one is saying that this is Farz to do this. When Imam Malik walked barefoot in Medina, he did it for love of Sayyadi not because there was an order in Quran or sunnah or fiqh! For Allah's sake, showing and expressing love for Sayyadi is part of Imaan. Each one can do it on his own ways. Don't bring fatwas in this.

Leave those alone who want to do this. Focus on fighting the Kuffar and defending your honor, faith and dignity. Your daughters are being taken away and you are fighting on petty issues like the people of Baghdad who could not see the armies of Halaku Khan but argued over petty sectarian issues and were thus totally destroyed.

A little astaghfar will do much more good to this nation than the petty argument they are involved in. Lahol Wala Quwwat.....


Ishrat Hussain Mohammad said...

You are right in your opinion, " that this is not the proper time for such things."

our home is burning, and we are discussing about which type of curtains we should hang, our first duty is to estinguish the fire, after this the problem of curtains can be discussed.

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