Friday, January 11, 2013

Many people ask us why are we not part of the march

Many people ask us why are we not part of the march. Let us reply once again.

In 1921, When Gandhi joined the Khilafat Movement, Allama Iqbal knew that the movement is now doomed. Why would Hindus join Muslims to protect Khilafat which would harm Hindus the most ?? But even great Muslims, like Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Shaukat Ali khan, failed to see the Hindu game plan and welcomed the Hindu Congress. The result? Hindus left the Khilafat movement after signing secret deals with the British and abandoned the Muslims to defeat. Allama Iqbal had stayed away from this movement for this very reason. The strategy and the allies were wrong and the goals were undefined.

This is exactly what MQM has done now. What is common between MQM and MQ ? Apparently nothing ? Then why did MQM join ?
They joined hands with the MQ and when the movement got some momentum, they betrayed and abandoned it after securing more deals with Zardari, leaving the MQ to face a hopeless task. We had raised the alarm on December 23rd when MQM was present in Lahore and had warned the MQ that this is a dangerous sign. We knew where this movement would go. Now MQ is stunned.

Any plan or movement which is NOT backed by army is doomed to fail, especially if it has been betrayed from within so treacherously. We want a most fierce change and accountability in the country also but we know that it cannot be done through elections, long marches or protests. This would only spread anarchy in these times of urban war and terrorism.

We DO NOT want to fight to strengthen this democracy in the country. We want to destroy this western multiparty democracy not protect it. We want a total system change, not reform of this corrupt system. We are at war with this treacherous media, not taking it along us.

Country is in a state of war. Our demand is patriotic caretakers by army. Only army can bring this organized change and for now, army has decided to stay away from this whole movement. That is why we have decided not to join the march and would wait till the army decide to intervene decisively. Only the army can bring a stable change and prevent fasad. Everything else is too risky for the country in these times of 4thGW and 5GW.

We are firm on our strategy, alhamdolillah and leave the rest in the hands of Allah (swt). He is all knowing, all wise and the best of the judges. Khair inshAllah.


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