Friday, January 11, 2013

Today, was one of the worst day of massacres and terrorism within the country

Now when we have shot down the "drone" of Altaf, let us come back to the national security.

Today, was one of the worst day of massacres and terrorism within the country. Over a 100 died and nearly 250 wounded in almost a dozen violent acts of mass murders. The line of Control in Kashmir is now red hot with more fighting today and another shaheed from our side.

Indians had threatened revenge from "non military" means and we saw this day of carnage and mass murders in Karachi, Quetta, Swat and FATA and even in Pak-Afghan border. This is the 4th and 5th Generation war we had been warning you about but the idiots and the skeptics kept mocking us. Now the war is upon us!!

The nation and its leaders do not want to do tauba. We see no seriousness at any level. Media, government, judiciary, political parties -- it is a mass circus and carnival, oblivious of the deadly threats that have gathered within and on borders.

The last straw would be the anarchy in Islamabad which is now expected within the next 4 days! May Allah protect Pakistan. MQM and TTP would be coming to Islamabad in these times of anarchy and war. These are seriously dangerous developments.

Pakistan army is already deployed, alerted and issued with ammunition. They are isolated, surrounded and being attacked not just by the Indians at LoC but also by the traitors in media and terrorists in TTP, ANP, BLA and MQM. It is a desperate war now.

We assure our armed forces that we stand with them and would fight alongside them not just through the pen and the USB but also with bullets when the time comes. We are ready too, armed and booted.

When history of the present times will be written, the future historians would be appalled at the stupidity, treason and criminal negligence of the present leadership at all levels.

To all idiots who still wish to remain in denial and still attack Pak army -- wait for the judgement from Allah now. Time for tauba is long gone.


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